lunes, enero 30, 2006

Artículos en el JASIST

Ya podéis leer el último artículo del grupo publicado en el número de Enero del JASIST que presenta un modelo bibliométrico para la gestión de colecciones de revistas en bibliotecas universitarias, la referencia y el resumen son:

A bibliometric model for journal discarding policy at academic libraries
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. Volume 57 , Issue 2 (January 2006)
Pages: 198 - 207
The authors propose a bibliometric model for discarding journal volumes at academic libraries, i.e., removal to offsite storage as part of the library's serials collection. The method is based on the volume as the unit of measurement and on user satisfaction with given titles. The discarding age, calculated for each volume, from the year of publication to the year of decision to discard, is dependent on citation half-life, relative productivity, knowledge area, and residual utility (potential consultations). The model makes it possible to predict the approximate size of a collection when a stationary state is reached in which the inflow of journal volumes is equal to the outflow from discarding. The model is also able to determine the rate of growth of the holdings. This information can be used to optimize future use of available space and economic and maintenance resources; thus promoting efficient management of the collection.

En este número además nos encontramos con el último trabajo de Aksnes del que ya hablamos por aquí y un artículo sobre colegios invisibles:

Citation rates and perceptions of scientific contribution
Modeling the invisible college

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